Dominique H. Vasseur

Dominique H. Vasseur, curator of European art at the Columbus Museum of Art, is the author of The Soul Unbound: The Photographs of Jane Reece and The Lithographs of Pierre-Nolasque Bergeret.

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Edna Boies Hopkins · Strong in Character, Colorful in Expression
By Dominique H. Vasseur

Edna Boies Hopkins (1872 –1937) is known for her floral woodblock prints that range from Japanese-inspired stylizations to boldly colored and progressively modernist works. In her brief career, Hopkins produced seventy-four known woodblock prints, including figurative work and landscapes as well as floral compositions. This catalogue illustrates all of Hopkins’s known prints, related drawings, and studies.

“It is particularly gratifying to find a catalogue focused on an American woman who was once widely known, Edna Boies Hopkins (1872-1937), and even better that she specialized in woodblock prints that are still available and affordable.... This publication and exhibition will surely stimulate interest among collectors and curators, thanks in particular to Vasseur’s insightful essay, intriguing historical photographs, and useful appendices.”

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