Elissa S. Guralnick

Elissa S. Guralnick is Professor of English at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and Co-Director of the University Writing Program.

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Sight Unseen · Beckett, Pinter, Stoppard, and Other Contemporary Dramatists on Radio
By Elissa S. Guralnick

In Sight Unseen radio drama, a genre traditionally dismissed as popular culture, is celebrated as high art. The radio plays discussed here range from the conventional (John Arden’s Pearl) to the docudramatic (David Rudkin’s Cries from Casement), from the curtly conversational (Harold Pinter’s A Slight Ache) to the virtually operatic (Robert Ferguson’s Transfigured Night), testifying to radio drama’s variety and literary stature.

“These absorbing discussions cast a strong light on the nature of radio’s appeal for playwrights as different as Barker and Beckett, Stoppard and Rudkin. If there were any doubt about the value and fascination of radio drama as a form in its own right it would be put to flight by Elissa Guralnick’s original, penetrating, and very readable study.”

Katharine Worth, The Review of English Studies