Joshua B. Forrest

Joshua B. Forrest is a research affiliate at the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School for Public and International Affairs, and associate professor of political science at the University of Vermont. He is the author of Namibia's Post-Apartheid Regional Institutions: The Founding Year.

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Lineages of State Fragility · Rural Civil Society in Guinea-Bissau
By Joshua B. Forrest

Lineages of State Fragility argues that despite European influences, the contemporary fragility of African states can be fully appreciated only by examining the indigenous social context in which these states evolved. Focusing on Guinea-Bissau, Forrest exposes the emergence of a strong and adaptable “rural civil society” that can be traced back to precolonial times.

“Demonstrates an amazing grasp of Guinea-Bissau, African statecraft, and resistance.”

Walter Hawthorne, Michigan State University