Karen Majewski

Karen Majewski is an assistant professor of Polish and East Central European Studies at St. Mary's College of Ave Maria University, Orchard Lake, Michigan. She is also executive secretary of the Polish American Historical Association.

Listed in: History · American History · Race and Ethnicity · European History · Polish and Polish-American Studies · International History

Winner of the Oskar Halecki Prize

Winner of the 2000 Polish American Historical Association Kulczycki Prize

Winner of the Choice Award for Outstanding Academic Title

Traitors and True Poles · Narrating a Polish-American Identity, 1880–1939
By Karen Majewski

During Poland’s century-long partition and in the interwar period of Poland's reemergence as a state, Polish writers on both sides of the ocean shared a preoccupation with national identity. Polish-American immigrant writers revealed their persistent, passionate engagement with these issues, as they used their work to define and consolidate an essentially transnational ethnic identity that was both tied to Poland and independent of it.

“The bibliography, sources, notes, and index will be a treasure for scholars and researchers alike.”

Polish American Journal