Sheila Skaff

Sheila Skaff is an assistant professor of film studies at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Listed in: Polish and Polish-American Studies · Film and Video - History and Criticism · Media and Film Studies · European History

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The Law of the Looking Glass · Cinema in Poland, 1896–1939
By Sheila Skaff

The Law of the Looking Glass: Cinema in Poland, 1896–1939 reveals the complex relationship between nationhood, national language, and national cinema in Europe before World War II. Author Sheila Skaff describes how the major issues facing the region before World War I, from the relatively slow pace of modernization to the desire for national sovereignty, shaped local practices in film production, exhibition, and criticism.

“The originality of the book lies in its treatment of Polish cinema prior to World War II, about which very little has been written. Moreover, the author draws on considerable research in Polish-language sources, including various film publications, which few scholars have examined.”

Charles O’Brien, author of Cinema's Conversion to Sound: Technology and Film Style in France and the U.S.