Stuart Pearson

Stuart Pearson is the son-in-law of An Sudibjo, the subject of BitterSweet. He has worked in law enforcement, education, business management and consultancy. He began working on An's biography in 2003 and is now writing other works in history.

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BitterSweet · The Memoir of a Chinese Indonesian Family in the Twentieth Century
By Stuart Pearson

Millions of Chinese have left the mainland over the last two centuries in search of new beginnings. The majority went to Southeast Asia, and the single largest destination was the colony of the Dutch East Indies, now known as Indonesia. Wherever the Chinese landed they prospered, but in Indonesia, even though some families made fortunes, they never felt they quite belonged.

“In an unadorned manner Sudibyo depicts the personal and social interactions between the Dutch, the Chinese and the indigenous Indonesians, revealing political boundaries as well as underlying values. Her detailed portrayal of the lives of various family members and the day-to-day happenings in the places where her parents did business gives invaluable insight into that part of society and how it lived at that time.... An Sudibyo comes across as totally human, and more importantly, very real.... A delightful book to read for historical knowledge as well as entertainment.”

The Jakarta Post