Thomas E. Wagner

Thomas E. Wagner is a university professor emeritus in the School of Planning at the University of Cincinnati. He is author of books and articles on regional history, collective bargaining, and citizen participation.

Listed in: Ohio and Regional · American History, Midwest · Race and Ethnicity

In the summer of 1943, as World War II raged overseas, the United States also faced internal strife. Earlier that year, Detroit had erupted in a series of race riots that killed dozens and destroyed entire neighborhoods. Across the country, mayors and city councils sought to defuse racial tensions and promote nonviolent solutions to social and economic injustices.

“This concise institutional history presents a thorough chronicle of the major shifts and challenges that have dominated the CHRC’s development and links Cincinnati to national social and political developments. In doing so, Obermiller and Wagner also show us the way the CHRC represents a broader national institutional solution for addressing racial conflicts in urban America.”

Dennis J. Downey, California State University Channel Islands