William Luhr

William Luhr is a professor of English at Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City, New Jersey. He has written Raymond Chandler and Film (1982) and edited World Cinema Since 1945 (1987).

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Until the extraordinary critical and commercial success of “10,” Blake Edwards was mostly known as the director of the immensely popular Pink Panther films. The character of Inspector Clouseau, as played by Peter Sellers, has, in the estimation of some critics, joined the ranks of such classic comic personae as Chaplin’s tramp and Keaton’s stone-faced clown.

“[Blake Edwards] is an entertaining examination of how movies are assembled and how a director goes about his work. Their speculations on Edwards’s delvings into matters psychological and sexual are compelling reading.”

Bob Powers, The Columbus Dispatch

Returning to the Scene · Blake Edwards Volume 2
By William Luhr and Peter Lehman

In Volume 2 of their treatment of Blake Edwards’ work, William Luhr and Peter Lehman have continued their critical analysis of the films of one of the United States’ most prolific contemporary film directors.

“Their insightful discussion of Edwards’ treatment of sexual issues, marriage, and monogamy in Victor/Victoria, The Man Who Loved Women, Micki & Maude, and other films are a fascinating commentary of this heralded director’s career.”