The World of a Wayward Comic Book Artist — 2010

The Private Sketchbooks of S. Plunkett

A Swallow Press Book

By Sandy Plunkett

“There's never been a person, self-proclaimed artist or otherwise, whose reaction to seeing their first Sandy Plunkett art wasn't 'Oh my! Where can I see more?' This book is an answer to all the years of our unified desire for a full helping of Sandy's art.”

Michael Wm Kaluta, from the foreword

“The book is a delight, partly for the terrific drawings that spill through it, and partly for the narrative that reveals Plunkett’s engaging, self-effacing personality. He’s never quite sure he’s good enough, even while evidence of his talent is on the facing page…. Like all good journals, the book is a potpourri of ideas…. Grade: A”

CityBeat (Cincinnati)

“More than the artist sketchbook portfolios usually seen on the market, The World of a Wayward Comic Book Artist is an exploration of Sandy Plunkett’s creative process. Intuitively arranged, sketches flow one to another, linked by narratives taken from Plunkett’s sketchbooks, which often double as a journal.”

Kirkus Reviews

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The World of a Wayward Comic Book Artist: The Private Sketchbooks of S. Plunkett is a fascinating look at the creative processes of Sandy Plunkett. A self-taught illustrator and comic book artist, Plunkett came of age in New York City during the ‘60s and ‘70s and began drawing for Marvel Comics at eighteen. Throughout his ongoing career he has drawn for several other major publishers, including DC.

Featuring nearly four hundred selections from sketchbooks kept over the past twenty years, this collection is an insightful examination of the difficulties and successes Plunkett has experienced in keeping his work alive and evolving. The drawings cover a wide range of styles and subject matter, though all are rooted in the visual vernacular of illustration, comic, and popular art of America, evincing influences as diverse as Thomas Hart Benton and R. Crumb. Images of creatures, both actual and imagined, fabulous characters, and dreamlike worlds are juxtaposed with studies from Plunkett’s life. The sketchbook images, along with a foreword by Michael Wm Kaluta and an updated interview of Plunkett by Comic Book Artist’s Tim Barnes, provide a fascinating insight into artistic process, debate, and fruition.

Picture of Sandy Plunkett

Sandy Plunkett’s career began in New York City drawing for DC and Marvel Comics. His trademark look can be seen on countless posters, album covers, and political cartoons. He lives in Athens, Ohio.

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