Press Notes: Projekt Plunkett Launches

July 05, 2010

In June, Swallow Press, an imprint of Ohio University Press, published The World of a Wayward Comic Book Artist: The Private Sketchbooks of S. Plunkett, by Athens illustrator Sandy Plunkett. Nearly 400 images are gathered in this unique and beautiful book, which celebrates a talented local artist whose reputation among comic aficionados is of the highest ranking.

Marketing highlights for The World of a Wayward Comic Book Artist include:

  • a July 15th book launch at 6:30 p.m. at the Athens Public Library
  • a July interview in Kirkus Reviews’ “Graphic Spotlight” supplement
  • book announcements distributed at San Diego Comic Con
  • a finely produced video feature about Plunkett on YouTube and our website
  • “Show Us Your Plunkett,” a video promotion featuring Athens people who own Sandy’s art. Watch and participate on Facebook, YouTube, and our website.
  • trading cards, posters, and brochures in select local businesses

The World of a Wayward Comic Book Artist was kick-started by a Kennedy Museum of Art Inside/Out talk a couple of years ago in which Plunkett spoke about recent directions his illustrations were taking. This Swallow Press title is the second book published with an Athens author in the past year.

Ohio University Press is the largest university press in Ohio, publishing 40–50 books annually on a variety of topics. These books carry the Ohio University name into the world, receiving national and international attention from leading scholarly journals, prominent review media, and prestigious award competitions.

Cover of 'The World of a Wayward Comic Book Artist'

In recent weeks, Ohio University Press has learned of books and authors having received press from the following places:

A Comprehensive Indonesian-English Dictionary, Second Edition, edited by Alan M. Stevens and A. Ed. Schmidgall- Tellings. Choice said of the First Edition of this dictionary, “If a library has only one Indonesian-English reference book, this should be it.” The second edition, based on five years of research, includes hundreds of new entries covering a variety of areas.

The Origins of Modern Polish Democracy, edited by M. B. B. Biskupski, James S. Pula, and Piotr J. Wróbel. A series of closely-integrated essays trace the idea of democracy in Polish thought and practice beginning with the transformative events of the nineteenth century and continuing through each subsequent historical period through post-Communist Poland.

In recent weeks, Ohio University Press has learned of books and authors having received press from the following places:

USA Today, The New York Times, National Public Radio (“All Things Considered”), BBC Radio 5, China Radio International, Times Literary Supplement, The Washington Post, Library Journal, Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Journal of Economic Literature, African Affairs, The Historian, Bookforum,, SciTech Book News, KPFK—“The People’s Game” (Pacifica Radio, Los Angeles), The Midwest Book Review, South Atlantic Review, African Studies Review, West Africa Review, WVXU-“Around Cincinnati” (Cincinnati NPR), Indiana Magazine of History, Major League, Talk Radio 702 (South Africa).

Other News

Blood and Capital: The Paramilitarization of Colombia (2009), by Jasmin Hristov, is a finalist for the WOLA/Duke Book Award sponsored by the Washington Office on Latin America. The award is given to the best current, nonfiction book published in English on human rights, democracy, and social justice in contemporary Latin America.

Heterosexual Africa? The History of an Idea from the Age of Exploration to the Age of AIDS (2008), by Marc Epprecht, was cited for honorable mention by the David Easton Award Committee of the Foundations of Political Theory Section of the American Political Science Association. The award is for a book published in the last five years that “broadens the horizons of contemporary political science by engaging issues of philosophical significance in political life through any of a variety of approaches in the social sciences and humanities.”

Jeff Kallet

  • Cover of ‘A Comprehensive Indonesian English Dictionary’

  • Cover of ‘The Origins of Modern Polish Democracy’

  • Cover of ‘Blood and Capital: The Paramilitarization of Colombia’

  • Cover of ‘Heterosexual Africa?’