Cover of 'The  Collected Works of William Howard Taft, Volume V'

The Collected Works of William Howard Taft, Volume V

Popular Government and The Anti-trust Act and the Supreme Court

Edited by David H. Burton, David Potash, and Donald F. Anderson

Cover of 'Ohio on the Move'

Ohio on the Move

Transportation in the Buckeye State

By H. Roger Grant

Cover of 'Ohio Is My Dwelling Place'

Ohio Is My Dwelling Place

Schoolgirl Embroideries, 1800–1850

By Sue Studebaker

Cover of 'American Coverlets and Their Weavers'

American Coverlets and Their Weavers

Coverlets from the Collection of Foster and Muriel McCarl

By Clarita S. Anderson

Cover of 'The  Collected Works of William Howard Taft, Volume IV'

The Collected Works of William Howard Taft, Volume IV

Presidential Messages to Congress

Edited by David H. Burton

Cover of 'Flash Effect'

Flash Effect

Science and the Rhetorical Origins of Cold War America

By David J. Tietge

Cover of 'An American Colony'

An American Colony

Regionalism and the Roots of Midwestern Culture

By Edward Watts

Cover of 'The  House and Senate in the 1790s'

The House and Senate in the 1790s

Petitioning, Lobbying, and Institutional Development

Edited by Kenneth R. Bowling and Donald R. Kennon

Cover of 'An  Amulet of Greek Earth'

An Amulet of Greek Earth

Generations of Immigrant Folk Culture

By Helen Papanikolas

Cover of 'Managing the Counterrevolution'

Managing the Counterrevolution

The United States and Guatemala, 1954–1961

By Stephen M. Streeter

Cover of 'Buckeye Women'

Buckeye Women

The History of Ohio's Daughters

By Stephane Elise Booth

Cover of 'Headquarters in the Brush'

Headquarters in the Brush

Blazer’s Independent Union Scouts

By Darl L. Stephenson

Cover of 'Dust Bowl, USA'

Dust Bowl, USA

Depression America and the Ecological Imagination, 1929–1941

By Brad D. Lookingbill

Cover of 'Memphis Tennessee Garrison'

Memphis Tennessee Garrison

The Remarkable Story of a Black Appalachian Woman

Edited by Ancella R. Bickley and Lynda Ann Ewen

Cover of 'Art and Empire'

Art and Empire

The Politics of Ethnicity in the United States Capitol, 1815–1860

By Vivien Green Fryd

Cover of 'Rookwood and the Industry of Art'

Rookwood and the Industry of Art

Women, Culture, and Commerce, 1880–1913

By Nancy E. Owen

Cover of 'Art As Image'

Art As Image

Prints and Promotion in Cincinnati, Ohio

Edited by Alice M. Cornell

Cover of 'Sowing the American Dream'

Sowing the American Dream

How Consumer Culture Took Root in the Rural Midwest

By David Blanke

Cover of 'My Sisters Telegraphic'

My Sisters Telegraphic

Women in the Telegraph Office, 1846–1950

By Thomas C. Jepsen

Cover of 'Neither Separate Nor Equal'

Neither Separate Nor Equal

Congress in the 1790s

Edited by Kenneth R. Bowling and Donald R. Kennon

Cover of 'Revisiting U.S. Trade Policy'

Revisiting U.S. Trade Policy

Decisions in Perspective

Edited by Alfred E. Eckes Jr.

Cover of 'The  United States Capitol'

The United States Capitol

Designing and Decorating a National Icon

Edited by Donald R. Kennon

Cover of 'Staking Her Claim'

Staking Her Claim

The Life of Belinda Mulrooney, Klondike and Alaska Entrepreneur

By Melanie J. Mayer and Robert N. DeArmond

Cover of 'Divine Expectations'

Divine Expectations

An American Woman in Nineteenth-Century Palestine

By Barbara Kreiger

Cover of 'Nightmare'


The Underside of the Nixon Years

By J. Anthony Lukas
Foreword by Joan Hoff