Cover of 'The Poor Are Not Us'

The Poor Are Not Us · Poverty and Pastoralism in Eastern Africa · Edited by David M. Anderson and Vigdis Broch-Due

Cover of 'Alice Lakwena and the Holy Spirits'

Alice Lakwena and the Holy Spirits · War in Northern Uganda, 1985–97 · By Heike Behrend

Cover of 'The Quest for Fruition through Ngoma'

The Quest for Fruition through Ngoma · The Political Aspects of Healing in Southern Africa · Edited by Rijk van Dijk, Ria Reis, and Maja Spierenburg

Cover of 'Controlling Anger'

Controlling Anger · The Anthropology of Gisu Violence · By Suzette Heald

Cover of 'Transgressing Boundaries'

Transgressing Boundaries · New Directions in the Study of Culture in Africa · Edited by Brenda Cooper and Andrew Steyn

Cover of 'The Cape Herders'

The Cape Herders · A History of the Khoikhoi of Southern Africa · By Emile Boonzaier, Candy Malherbe, Penny Berens, and Andy Smith

Cover of 'Katutura: A Place Where We Stay'

Katutura: A Place Where We Stay · Life in a Post-Apartheid Township in Namibia · By Wade C. Pendleton

Cover of 'Forests of Gold'

Forests of Gold · Essays on the Akan and the Kingdom of Asante · By Ivor Wilks

Cover of 'A Bed Called Home'

A Bed Called Home · Life in the Migrant Labour Hostels of Cape Town · By Mamphela Ramphele · Photography by Roger Meintjes

Cover of 'Being Maasai'

Being Maasai · Ethnicity and Identity In East Africa · Edited by Thomas Spear and Richard Waller

Cover of 'Swahili Origins'

Swahili Origins · Swahili Culture and The Shungwaya Phenomenon · By James de Vere Allen

Cover of 'Dance Civet Cat'

Dance Civet Cat · Tonga Children and Labour in the Zambezi Valley · By Pamela Reynolds

Cover of 'Siaya'

Siaya · The Historical Anthropology of an African Landscape · By David William Cohen and E. S. Atieno Odhiambo

Cover of 'Change and Continuity in Minangkabau'

Change and Continuity in Minangkabau · Local, Regional, and Historical Perspectives on West Sumatra · By Lynn L. Thomas and Franz Von Benda-Beckmann

Cover of 'Ritual Cosmos'

Ritual Cosmos · The Sanctification of Life in African Religions · By Evan M. Zuesse