Cover of 'To Possess the Land'

To Possess the Land · A Biography of Arthur Rochford Manby · By Frank Waters

Cover of 'George Montague Wheeler'

George Montague Wheeler · The Man and the Myth · By Doris O. Dawdy

Cover of 'An African American in South Africa'

An African American in South Africa · The Travel Notes of Ralph J. Bunche 28 September 1937–1 January 1938 · By Ralph Bunche · Edited by Robert R. Edgar

Cover of 'Tales Never Told Around the Campfire'

Tales Never Told Around the Campfire · True Stories of Frontier America · By Mark Dugan

Cover of 'Isak Dinesen'

Isak Dinesen · The Life and Imagination of a Seducer · By Olga Anastasia Pelensky

Cover of 'Learning from Robben Island'

Learning from Robben Island · Govan Mbeki's Prison Writings · By Govan Mbeki · Introduction by Colin Bundy · Foreword by Harry Gwala

Cover of 'Rare Book Lore'

Rare Book Lore · Selections from the Letters of Ernest J. Wessen · By Ernest J. Wessen · Edited by Jack Matthews

Written in Water · The Life of Benjamin Harrison Eaton · By Jane E. Norris

Cover of 'Returning to the Scene'

Returning to the Scene · Blake Edwards Volume 2 · By William Luhr and Peter Lehman

Cover of 'Breaking With Burr'

Breaking With Burr · Harman Blennerhassett’s Journal, 1807 · By Harman Blennerhassett · Edited by Raymond E. Fitch

Cover of 'Antonin Artaud'

Antonin Artaud · Man of Vision · By Bettina L. Knapp · Preface by Anaïs Nin

Cover of 'Samuel Seabury 1729–1796'

Samuel Seabury 1729–1796 · A Study in the High Church Tradition · By Bruce E. Steiner

Cover of 'Midas of the Rockies'

Midas of the Rockies · Biography of Winfield Scott Stratton, Croesus of Cripple Creek · By Frank Waters · Introduction by Marshall Sprague

Cover of 'Graham R.'

Graham R. · Rosamund Marriot Watson, Woman of Letters · By Linda K. Hughes

Cover of 'Suicide or Murder?'

Suicide or Murder? · The Strange Death of Governor Meriwether Lewis · By Vardis Fisher