Weedeater · An Illustrated Novel · By Robert Gipe

The Third Brother · An Andy Hayes Mystery · By Andrew Welsh-Huggins

A Death in Bali · A Jenna Murphy Mystery · By Nancy Tingley

Cover of 'Fire Is Your Water'

Fire Is Your Water · A Novel · By Jim Minick

Cover of 'The Hunt'

The Hunt · An Andy Hayes Mystery · By Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Cover of 'The Constant Listener'

The Constant Listener · Henry James and Theodora Bosanquet—An Imagined Memoir · By Susan Herron Sibbet

Cover of 'Ladders to Fire'

Ladders to Fire · By Anaïs Nin · Introduction by Benjamin Franklin V · Foreword by Gunther Stuhlmann

Cover of 'Fourth Down and Out'

Fourth Down and Out · An Andy Hayes Mystery · By Andrew Welsh-Huggins

Cover of 'Thirteen Cents'

Thirteen Cents · A Novel · By K. Sello Duiker · Introduction by Shaun Viljoen

Cover of 'Paper Sons and Daughters'

Paper Sons and Daughters · Growing up Chinese in South Africa · By Ufrieda Ho

Cover of 'The Conscript'

The Conscript · A Novel of Libya’s Anticolonial War · By Gebreyesus Hailu · Translation by Ghirmai Negash · Introduction by Laura Chrisman

Cover of 'Dog Eat Dog'

Dog Eat Dog · A Novel · By Niq Mhlongo

Cover of 'In the Shade of the Shady Tree'

In the Shade of the Shady Tree · Stories of Wheatbelt Australia · By John Kinsella