Cover of 'Small Bird, Tell Me'

Small Bird, Tell Me · Stories of Greek Immigrants · By Helen Papanikolas

Cover of 'Discovering Eve'

Discovering Eve · Short Stories · By Jane Candia Coleman

Cover of 'Higher Elevations'

Higher Elevations · Stories From The West: A Writers' Forum Anthology · Edited by Alexander Blackburn and C. Kenneth Pellow

Cover of 'The Laughing West'

The Laughing West · Humorous Western Fiction, Past and Present · By Charles L. Sonnichsen

Cover of 'Pike’s Peak'

Pike’s Peak · A Mining Saga · By Frank Waters

Cover of 'Interior Country'

Interior Country · Stories of the Modern West · Edited by Alexander Blackburn, Craig Lesley, and Jill Landem

Cover of 'Cricket Sings'

Cricket Sings · A Novel of Pre-Columbian Cahokia · By Kathleen King