Cover of 'Religion and Politics in East Africa'

Religion and Politics in East Africa · The Period since Independence · Edited by Hölger Bernt Hansen and Michael Twaddle

Cover of 'Revealing Prophets'

Revealing Prophets · Prophecy In Eastern African History · Edited by David M. Anderson and Douglas H. Johnson

Cover of 'Violence and the Dream People'

Violence and the Dream People · The Orang Asli in the Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960 · By John D. Leary

Cover of 'Way’s Packet Directory, 1848–1994'

Way’s Packet Directory, 1848–1994 · Passenger Steamboats of the Mississippi River System since the Advent of Photography in Mid-Continent America · By Frederick Way Jr. · Foreword by Joseph W. Rutter

Cover of 'From Civilization to Segregation'

From Civilization to Segregation · Social Ideals and Social Control in Southern Rhodesia, 1890–1934 · By Carol Summers

Cover of 'Memoirs of an Indo Woman'

Memoirs of an Indo Woman · Twentieth Century Life in the East Indies and Abroad · By Marguérite Schenkhuizen · Edited by Lizelot Stout van Balgooy

Cover of 'Ohio University in Perspective II'

Ohio University in Perspective II · The Annual Convocation Addresses of President Charles J. Ping, 1985-1993 · By Charles J. Ping

Cover of 'The Long Journey'

The Long Journey · South Africa’s Quest for a Negotiated Settlement · Edited by Steven Friedman

Cover of 'Weather Pioneers'

Weather Pioneers · The Signal Corps Station at Pikes Peak · By Phyllis Smith

Cover of 'Edwin L. Kennedy'

Edwin L. Kennedy · Reinvesting In Education · By David Neal Keller

Cover of 'George Montague Wheeler'

George Montague Wheeler · The Man and the Myth · By Doris O. Dawdy

Cover of 'Timberline Tailings'

Timberline Tailings · Tales of Colorado’s Ghost Towns and Mining Camps · By Muriel Sibell Wolle

Cover of 'Unhappy Valley'

Unhappy Valley · Conflict in Kenya and Africa - Book One: State and Class · By Bruce Berman and John Lonsdale

Cover of 'Unhappy Valley'

Unhappy Valley · Conflict in Kenya and Africa - Book Two: Violence and Ethnicity · By Bruce Berman and John Lonsdale