Cover of 'A Realist in the American Theatre'

A Realist in the American Theatre · Selected Drama Criticism of William Dean Howells · Edited by Brenda Murphy

Cover of 'Brothers Grimm and Their Critics'

Brothers Grimm and Their Critics · Folktales and the Quest for Meaning · By Christa Kamenetsky

Cover of 'Isak Dinesen'

Isak Dinesen · The Life and Imagination of a Seducer · By Olga Anastasia Pelensky

Cover of 'Victorian Authors and Their Works'

Victorian Authors and Their Works · Revision Motivations and Modes · By Judith Kennedy

Cover of 'Curtain Calls'

Curtain Calls · British and American Women and the Theater, 1660–1820 · Edited by Mary A. Schofield and Cecilia Macheski

Cover of 'Sunrise Brighter Still'

Sunrise Brighter Still · The Visionary Novels of Frank Waters · By Alexander Blackburn · Foreword by Charles L. Adams

Cover of 'The  Poetry of Resistance'

The Poetry of Resistance · Seamus Heaney and the Pastoral Tradition · By Sidney Burris

Cover of 'Edmund Wilson'

Edmund Wilson · A Critic For Our Time · By Janet Groth

Cover of 'Doris Lessing'

Doris Lessing · The Alchemy of Survival · Edited by Carey Kaplan and Ellen Cronan Rose

Cover of 'James Wright'

James Wright · The Poetry of a Grown Man; Constancy and Transition in the Work of James Wright · By Kevin Stein

Cover of 'The  Enemy Opposite'

The Enemy Opposite · The Outlaw Criticism of Wyndham Lewis · By SueEllen Campbell

Cover of 'The Manyfacèd Glass'

The Manyfacèd Glass · Tennyson’s Dramatic Monologues · By Linda K. Hughes

Cover of 'Fetter’d or Free?'

Fetter’d or Free? · British Women Novelists, 1670-1815 · Edited by Mary A. Schofield and Cecilia Macheski

Cover of 'Darkness and Devils'

Darkness and Devils · Exorcism and King Lear · By John L. Murphy

Cover of 'Convivial Dickens'

Convivial Dickens · The Drinks of Dickens and His Times · By Edward Hewett and William F. Axton

The Other John Updike · Poems, Short Stories, Prose, Play · By Donald J. Greiner

Cover of 'Forms of Discovery'

Forms of Discovery · Critical and Historical Essays on the Forms of the Short Poem in English · By Yvor Winters

Cover of 'In Defense of Reason'

In Defense of Reason · Three Classics of Contemporary Criticism · By Yvor Winters · Introduction by Kenneth Fields

Cover of 'The  Function of Criticism'

The Function of Criticism · Problems and Exercises · By Yvor Winters