Cover of 'Tales Never Told Around the Campfire'

Tales Never Told Around the Campfire · True Stories of Frontier America · By Mark Dugan

Cover of 'Not Out of Hate'

Not Out of Hate · A Novel of Burma · By Ma Ma Lay · Edited by William H. Frederick · Translation by Margaret Aung-Thwin

Cover of 'From Jail to Jail'

From Jail to Jail · By Tan Malaka · Translation by Helen Jarvis · Introduction by Helen Jarvis

Cover of 'Isak Dinesen'

Isak Dinesen · The Life and Imagination of a Seducer · By Olga Anastasia Pelensky

Cover of 'Learning from Robben Island'

Learning from Robben Island · Govan Mbeki's Prison Writings · By Govan Mbeki · Introduction by Colin Bundy · Foreword by Harry Gwala

Cover of 'Rare Book Lore'

Rare Book Lore · Selections from the Letters of Ernest J. Wessen · By Ernest J. Wessen · Edited by Jack Matthews

Cover of 'Victorian Authors and Their Works'

Victorian Authors and Their Works · Revision Motivations and Modes · By Judith Kennedy

Cover of 'Early Poems'

Early Poems · 1947–1959 · By Yves Bonnefoy · Translation by Galway Kinnell and Richard Pevear

Cover of 'Curtain Calls'

Curtain Calls · British and American Women and the Theater, 1660–1820 · Edited by Mary A. Schofield and Cecilia Macheski

Cover of 'Dumpling Field'

Dumpling Field · Haiku of Issa · Edited by Lucien Stryk and Noboru Fujiwara

Cover of 'Sunrise Brighter Still'

Sunrise Brighter Still · The Visionary Novels of Frank Waters · By Alexander Blackburn · Foreword by Charles L. Adams

Cover of 'Stages of Self'

Stages of Self · Dramatic Monologues of Laforgue, Valéry, and Mallarmé · By Elisabeth A. Howe

Cover of 'The  Poetry of Resistance'

The Poetry of Resistance · Seamus Heaney and the Pastoral Tradition · By Sidney Burris

Written in Water · The Life of Benjamin Harrison Eaton · By Jane E. Norris

Cover of 'The  Nameless Sight'

The Nameless Sight · Poems 1937–1956 · By Alan Swallow