Cover of 'José María Arguedas'

José María Arguedas · Reconsiderations for Latin American Studies · Edited by Ciro A. Sandoval and Sandra M. Boschetto-Sandoval

Voices from the Silence · Guatemalan Literature of Resistance · Edited by Marc Zimmerman and Raúl Rojas

Cover of 'R. F. D.'

R. F. D. · Charles Allen Smart · By Charles Allen Smart · Foreword by Gene Logsdon

Cover of 'Dared & Done'

Dared & Done · The Marriage of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning · By Julia Markus

Cover of 'Under Criticism'

Under Criticism · Essays for William H. Pritchard · Edited by David Sofield and Herbert F. Tucker

Cover of 'Detection and Its Designs'

Detection and Its Designs · Narrative and Power in Nineteenth-Century Detective Fiction · By Peter Thoms

Cover of 'The  Destructive Element'

The Destructive Element · New and Selected Poems · By Turner Cassity

Cover of 'Writing in Disguise'

Writing in Disguise · Academic Life in Subordination · By Terry Caesar

Cover of 'Haunted by Waters'

Haunted by Waters · Fly Fishing in North American Literature · By Mark Browning