Cover of 'Detection and Its Designs'

Detection and Its Designs · Narrative and Power in Nineteenth-Century Detective Fiction · By Peter Thoms

Cover of 'The  Destructive Element'

The Destructive Element · New and Selected Poems · By Turner Cassity

Cover of 'Writing in Disguise'

Writing in Disguise · Academic Life in Subordination · By Terry Caesar

Cover of 'Haunted by Waters'

Haunted by Waters · Fly Fishing in North American Literature · By Mark Browning

Cover of 'The  Sturdy Oak'

The Sturdy Oak · A Composite Novel of American Politics · Edited by Elizabeth Jordan · Introduction by Ida H. Washington

Cover of 'America’s Sketchbook'

America’s Sketchbook · The Cultural Life of a Nineteenth-Century Literary Genre · By Kristie Hamilton

Cover of 'Brave Are My People'

Brave Are My People · Indian Heroes Not Forgotten · By Frank Waters

Cover of 'Word Play Place'

Word Play Place · Essays on the Poetry of John Matthias · Edited by Robert Archambeau

Cover of 'Arrows of Longing'

Arrows of Longing · The Correspondence between Anaïs Nin and Felix Pollak, 1952–1976 · By Gregory H. Mason

Cover of 'And Still Birds Sing'

And Still Birds Sing · New and Collected Poems · By Lucien Stryk

Cover of 'Frozen in Silver'

Frozen in Silver · The Life and Frontier Photography of P. E. Larson · By Ronald T. Bailey

Cover of 'Hired Pens'

Hired Pens · Professional Writers in America's Golden Age of Print · By Ronald Weber

Cover of 'The  Longest Voyage'

The Longest Voyage · Circumnavigators in the Age of Discovery · By Robert Silverberg