Cover of 'Red, White, Black, and Blue'

Red, White, Black, and Blue

A Dual Memoir of Race and Class in Appalachia

By William M. Drennen Jr. and Kojo (William T.) Jones Jr.
Edited by Dolores Johnson

Cover of 'Mencken’s America'

Mencken’s America

H. L. Mencken

Edited by S. T. Joshi

Cover of 'Fortune’s Wheel'

Fortune’s Wheel

Dickens and the Iconography of Women’s Time

By Elizabeth A. Campbell

Cover of 'Switzerland'


A Village History

By David Birmingham

Cover of 'Writing Women in Central America'

Writing Women in Central America

Gender and the Fictionalization of History

By Laura Barbas-Rhoden

Cover of 'Gabriela Mistral'

Gabriela Mistral

The Audacious Traveler

Edited by Marjorie Agosín

Cover of 'Voices from Madagascar Voix de Madagascar'

Voices from Madagascar Voix de Madagascar

An Anthology of Contemporary Francophone Literature/Anthologie de littérature francophone contemporaine

Edited by Jacques Bourgeacq and Liliane Ramarosoa

Cover of 'Cast a Blue Shadow'

Cast a Blue Shadow

An Ohio Amish Mystery

By P. L. Gaus

Cover of 'Imperial Bibles, Domestic Bodies'

Imperial Bibles, Domestic Bodies

Women, Sexuality, and Religion in the Victorian Market

By Mary Wilson Carpenter

Cover of 'In the Work of Their Hands Is Their Prayer'

In the Work of Their Hands Is Their Prayer

Cultural Narrative and Redemption on the American Frontiers, 1830-1930

By Joel Daehnke

Cover of 'Seeking the One Great Remedy'

Seeking the One Great Remedy

Francis George Shaw and Nineteenth-Century Reform

By Lorien Foote

Cover of 'Vernon Lee'

Vernon Lee

Aesthetics, History, and the Victorian Female Intellectual

By Christa Zorn

Cover of 'Shakespeare at the Cineplex'

Shakespeare at the Cineplex

The Kenneth Branagh Era

By Samuel Crowl

Cover of 'Women, Work, and Representation'

Women, Work, and Representation

Needlewomen in Victorian Art and Literature

By Lynn M. Alexander

Cover of 'View from the Fazenda'

View from the Fazenda

A Tale of the Brazilian Heartlands

By Ellen Bromfield Geld

Cover of 'Dark Smiles'

Dark Smiles

Race and Desire in George Eliot

By Alicia Carroll

Cover of 'Signs of Their Times'

Signs of Their Times

History, Labor, and the Body in Cobbett, Carlyle, and Disraeli

By John M. Ulrich