Cover of 'Sight Unseen'

Sight Unseen · Beckett, Pinter, Stoppard, and Other Contemporary Dramatists on Radio · By Elissa S. Guralnick

Cover of 'Dickens and Thackeray'

Dickens and Thackeray · Punishment and Forgiveness · By John Robert Reed

Cover of 'S. L. Frank'

S. L. Frank · The Life and Work of a Russian Philosopher, 1877-1950 · By Philip Boobbyer

Cover of 'After the Grapes of Wrath'

After the Grapes of Wrath · Essays on John Steinbeck in Honor of Tetsumaro Hayashi · Edited by Donald V. Coers, Robert DeMott, and Paul D. Ruffin · Introduction by Warren G. French

Cover of 'Stories of Raymond Carver'

Stories of Raymond Carver · A Critical Study · By Kirk Nesset

Cover of 'American and British Poetry'

American and British Poetry · A Guide to the Criticism, 1979-1990 · By Harriet Semmes Alexander

Cover of 'Sometimes I’m Happy'

Sometimes I’m Happy · A Writer’s Memoir · By Marshall Sprague

Cover of 'Swimming At Midnight'

Swimming At Midnight · Selected Shorter Poems · By John Matthias

Cover of 'Beltane at Aphelion'

Beltane at Aphelion · Longer Poems · By John Matthias

Cover of 'Wittgenstein and Critical Theory'

Wittgenstein and Critical Theory · Beyond Postmodern Criticism and Toward Descriptive Investigations · By Susan B. Brill

Cover of 'God’s Torment'

God’s Torment · Poems By Alain Bosquet · By Alain Bosquet · Translation by Edouard Roditi