Cover of 'Wittgenstein and Critical Theory'

Wittgenstein and Critical Theory · Beyond Postmodern Criticism and Toward Descriptive Investigations · By Susan B. Brill

Cover of 'Toward a Rationality of Emotions'

Toward a Rationality of Emotions · An Essay In The Philosophy of Mind · By W. George Turski

American Moralist · On Law, Ethics, and Government · By George Anastaplo

Cover of 'Man’s Soul'

Man’s Soul · An Introductory Essay in Philosophical Psychology · By S.L. Frank

Cover of 'Heidegger and Whitehead'

Heidegger and Whitehead · A Phenomenological Examination into the Intelligibility of Experience · By Ron L. Cooper

Cover of 'Rethinking Political Theory'

Rethinking Political Theory · Essays In Phenomenology and the Study of Politics · By Hwa Yol Jung

Cover of 'Nietzsche and Emerson'

Nietzsche and Emerson · An Elective Affinity · By George J. Stack

Cover of 'Moral Philosophy and Development'

Moral Philosophy and Development · The Human Condition in Africa · By Tedros Kiros

Cover of 'Phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty'

Phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty · A Search for the Limits of Consciousness · By Gary Brent Madison

Cover of 'Word and Object in Husserl, Frege, and Russell'

Word and Object in Husserl, Frege, and Russell · The Roots of Twentieth-Century Philosophy · By Claire Oritz Hill

Cover of 'Theory of Objective Mind'

Theory of Objective Mind · An Introduction to the Philosophy of Culture · By Hans Freyer

Cover of 'Exploring Phenomenology'

Exploring Phenomenology · A Guide to the Field & Its Literature · By David Stewart and Algis Mickunas

Cover of 'Light Shineth In Darkness'

Light Shineth In Darkness · An Essay In Christian Ethics And Social Philosophy · By S.L. Frank

Reading the Book of Nature · A Phenomenological Study of Creative Expression in Science and Painting · By Edwin Jones

Cover of 'Ontology of the Work of Art'

Ontology of the Work of Art · The Musical Work, The Picture, The Architectural Work, The Film · By Roman Ingarden · Translation by Raymond Meyer and John T. Goldthwait

Spiritual Foundations of Society · An Introduction To Social Philosophy · By S.L. Frank

Cover of 'Eclipse of the Self'

Eclipse of the Self · The Development of Heidegger’s Concept of Authenticity · By Michael E. Zimmerman

Hegel’s Phenomenology, Part 2 · The Evolution of Ethical and Religious Consciousness to the Absolute Standpoint · By Howard P. Kainz

Cover of 'The  Unknowable'

The  Unknowable · An Ontological Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion · By S.L. Frank

Cover of 'The Context of Self'

The Context of Self · A Phenomenological Inquiry Using Medicine as a Clue · By Richard M. Zaner