Cover of 'Upcycling Sheltered Workshops'

Upcycling Sheltered Workshops · A Revolutionary Approach to Transforming Workshops into Creative Spaces · By Susan Dlouhy and Patty Mitchell · Foreword by Lynn M. Harter

Cover of 'Asylum on the Hill'

Asylum on the Hill · History of a Healing Landscape · By Katherine Ziff · Foreword by Samuel T. Gladding

Cover of 'Searching for Soul'

Searching for Soul · A Survivor’s Guide · By Bobbe Tyler · Foreword by Lucia Capacchione

Cover of 'Disarming Manhood'

Disarming Manhood · Roots of Ethical Resistance · By David A. J. Richards

Cover of 'Subjects on Display'

Subjects on Display · Psychoanalysis, Social Expectation, and Victorian Femininity · By Beth Newman

Cover of 'Aquamarine Blue 5'

Aquamarine Blue 5 · Personal Stories of College Students with Autism · Edited by Dawn Prince-Hughes

Cover of 'Man’s Soul'

Man’s Soul · An Introductory Essay in Philosophical Psychology · By S.L. Frank

Cover of 'Faces in the Revolution'

Faces in the Revolution · The Psychological Effects of Violence on Township Youth in South Africa · By Gill Straker

Cover of 'The Wounded Woman'

The Wounded Woman · Healing the Father-Daughter Relationship · By Linda Schierse Leonard

Cover of 'The Creative Journal'

The Creative Journal · The Art of Finding Yourself · By Lucia Capacchione