Cover of 'Timberline Tailings'

Timberline Tailings · Tales of Colorado’s Ghost Towns and Mining Camps · By Muriel Sibell Wolle

Cover of 'Goldfield'

Goldfield · The Last Gold Rush on The Western Frontier · By Sally Zanjani

Cover of 'Tales Never Told Around the Campfire'

Tales Never Told Around the Campfire · True Stories of Frontier America · By Mark Dugan

Cover of 'Sunrise Brighter Still'

Sunrise Brighter Still · The Visionary Novels of Frank Waters · By Alexander Blackburn · Foreword by Charles L. Adams

Cover of 'Knight of the Road'

Knight of the Road · The Life of Highwayman Ham White · By Mark Dugan

Cover of 'Pilgrimage'

Pilgrimage · A Journey Through Colorado's History and Culture · By Stephen J. May

Cover of 'Buckeye Rovers in the Gold Rush'

Buckeye Rovers in the Gold Rush · An Edition of Two Diaries · By H. Lee Scamehorn · Edited by Edwin P. Banks and Jamie Lytle-Webb

Cover of 'Survival On a Westward Trek, 1858–1859'

Survival On a Westward Trek, 1858–1859 · The John Jones Overlanders · By Dwight L. Smith

Cover of 'The  Buffalo Book'

The Buffalo Book · The Full Saga of the American Animal · By David A. Dary

Cover of 'Klondike Women'

Klondike Women · True Tales of the 1897–1898 Gold Rush · By Melanie J. Mayer

Cover of 'Mexico Mystique'

Mexico Mystique · The Coming Sixth World of Consciousness · By Frank Waters

Cover of 'The Laughing West'

The Laughing West · Humorous Western Fiction, Past and Present · By Charles L. Sonnichsen

Cover of 'Newport in the Rockies'

Newport in the Rockies · The Life and Good Times of Colorado Springs · By Marshall Sprague

Cover of 'Pike’s Peak'

Pike’s Peak · A Mining Saga · By Frank Waters

Cover of 'Cricket Sings'

Cricket Sings · A Novel of Pre-Columbian Cahokia · By Kathleen King

Cover of 'Montana Pay Dirt'

Montana Pay Dirt · Guide to Mining Camps of Treasure State · By Muriel Sibell Wolle

Cover of 'The  Little Lion of the Southwest'

The Little Lion of the Southwest · A Life of Manuel Antonio Chaves · By Marc Simmons