Cover of 'Bonanza Trail'

Bonanza Trail · Ghost Towns & Mining Camps of the West · By Muriel Sibell Wolle

Cover of 'Stampede to Timberline'

Stampede to Timberline · The Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Colorado · By Muriel Sibell Wolle

Cover of 'Pumpkin Seed Point'

Pumpkin Seed Point · Being Within the Hopi · By Frank Waters

Cover of 'Midas of the Rockies'

Midas of the Rockies · Biography of Winfield Scott Stratton, Croesus of Cripple Creek · By Frank Waters · Introduction by Marshall Sprague

Cover of 'I Have Spoken'

I Have Spoken · American History Through the Voices of the Indians · By Virginia I. Armstrong

Cover of 'Masked Gods'

Masked Gods · Navaho and Pueblo Ceremonialism · By Frank Waters

Cover of 'The Man Who Killed the Deer'

The Man Who Killed the Deer · A Novel of Pueblo Indian Life · By Frank Waters