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Carol Poh Miller

Carol Poh Miller is a historical consultant in Cleveland, where she works on a broad range of historic preservation, research, and writing projects for business, government, nonprofit organizations, and private individuals. She has prepared published histories of several Cleveland organizations and is the coauthor of Cleveland: A Concise History, 1796-1996.

Listed in: History of Science · Medical | Health Policy · Medicine · Ohio and Regional · American History

Cover of 'A Second Voice'

A Second Voice
A Century of Osteopathic Medicine in Ohio
By Carol Poh Miller

Doctors of osteopathy today practice side by side with medical doctors, employing the same diagnostic and curative tools of scientific medicineu2009—u2009with a difference. Focusing on the historical experience of Ohio, historian Carol Poh Miller illuminates struggles common to osteopathic medicine nationwide as it fought to secure its place in American health care.

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