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Charles Champlin

Charles Champlin first began reporting about Hollywood in 1959 for Time magazine and covered movies and other arts for Time in London from 1962–1965. He has been the entertainment and arts editor of the Los Angeles Times since 1965 and its principal film critic since 1967.

Listed in: Film and Video - History and Criticism · History · Media Studies

Cover of 'The Movies Grow Up'

The Movies Grow Up
By Charles Champlin
· Foreword by Alfred Hitchcock

Nearly 200 photos enhance Champlin’s readable, fascinating survey of the movies from the Golden Age up through the year 1980. According to Champlin, movies are the art form of our time—perhaps even the art form of this century. With this revised and enlarged edition of his book, one of the most comprehensive and eloquent works on film is available once again.

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