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Claire Oritz Hill

 Claire Ortiz Hill holds a doctorate from the Sorbonne and lives in Paris where she is an independent scholar. She is especially intent upon integrating Husserl's ideas on meaning, objectivity, logic, and mathematics into the philosophical discussions in which they belong.

Listed in: Philosophy

Cover of 'Word and Object in Husserl, Frege, and Russell'

Word and Object in Husserl, Frege, and Russell
The Roots of Twentieth-Century Philosophy
By Claire Oritz Hill

In search of the origins of some of the most fundamental problems that have beset philosophers in English-speaking countries in the past century, Claire Ortiz Hill maintains that philosophers are treating symptoms of ills whose causes lie buried in history. Substantial linguistic hurdles have blocked access to Gottlob Frege’s thought and even to Bertrand Russell’s work to remedy the problems he found in it.

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