David Rawson

David Rawson capped his twenty-eight-year career in the US Foreign Service as ambassador to Rwanda (1993–95) and to Mali (1996–99). Since his retirement from the Foreign Service, he has been a professor of political economy at Spring Arbor University and a distinguished visiting professor of politics at Hillsdale College, both near his home on the family farm in Michigan.

Listed in: Genocide · International Studies · Diplomacy · African Studies

Cover of 'Prelude to Genocide'

Prelude to Genocide
Arusha, Rwanda, and the Failure of Diplomacy
By David Rawson

David Rawson draws on declassified documents and his own experiences as the initial US observer of the 1993 Rwandan peace talks at Arusha to seek out what led to the Rwandan genocide. The result is a commanding blend of diplomatic history and analysis of the crisis and of what happens generally when conflict resolution and diplomacy fall short.

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