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Dimitri Ginev

Dimitri Ginev is a professor at St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia. He is the author of The Context of Constitution: Beyond the Edge of Epistemological Justification and is founder and editor in chief of the international journal Studia Culturologica Divinatio.

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Cover of 'The Tenets of Cognitive Existentialism'

The Tenets of Cognitive Existentialism
By Dimitri Ginev

In The Tenets of Cognitive Existentialism, Dimitri Ginev draws on developments in hermeneutic phenomenology and other programs in hermeneutic philosophy to inform an interpretative approach to scientific practices. At stake is the question of whether it is possible to integrate forms of reflection upon the ontological difference in the cognitive structure of scientific research. A positive answer would have implied a proof that (pace Heidegger) “science is able to think.”

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