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Harry E. Chrisman

Harry E. Chrisman is a true Westerner who comes by his knowledge of the West honestly, for he was born on a Nebraska ranch and worked as a cowhand and horse wrangler. His later career has been in journalism and in his exhaustive research of the range cattle industry of the West.

Chrisman has written several Western books, among which are The Ladder of Rivers: the Story of I.P. (Print) Olive; Fifty Years on the Owl Hoot Trail: Jim Herron, the first Sheriff of No Man's Land, Oklahoma Territory; One Thousand and One Most-Asked Questions About the American West; and Lost Trails of the Cimarron.

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Cover of 'One Thousand and One Most Asked Questions About the American West'

One Thousand and One Most Asked Questions About the American West
With Answers
By Harry E. Chrisman

During his more than 40 years of newspaper and magazine work, Harry Chrisman has been answering questions about the American West — both the standard and the oddball queries, such as “What is the most fantastic bear story you ever heard?”Chrisman first encountered many of these questions in his monthly column “Roundup Time,” which appeared in The West, a national monthly magazine.Concentrating

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