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Helge Kjekshus

Helge Kjekshus taught Political Science at the University of Dar es Salaam.

Listed in: Colonialism and Decolonization · African Studies · Anthropology · Business and Economics · Environmental Policy · History · African History

Cover of 'Ecology Control and Economic Development in East African History'

Ecology Control and Economic Development in East African History
The Case of Tanganyika, 1850–1950
By Helge Kjekshus

This pioneering book was one of the first to place the history of East Africa within the context of the environment. It has been used continuously for student teaching. It is now reissued with an introduction placing it within the debate that has developed on the subject; there is also an updated bibliography.The book puts people at the centre of events. It thus serves as a modification to nationalist history with its emphasis on leaders.

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