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Jean Gebser

Jean Gebser (1905–1973) was lecturer at the Institute of Applied Psychology in Zürich and honorary Professor of Comparative Studies of Civilization at the University of Salzburg. For his many publications, he received several prizes, including a share of the German Schiller prize, the literary award of the Esslingen Artist’s Guild, the Koggen prize of the City of Minden, and the literary award of the City of Berne.

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Cover of 'The Ever-Present Origin'

The Ever-Present Origin
By Jean Gebser
· Translation by Noel Barstad and Algis Mickunas

Gebser’s central thesis was that a potent “leap” in thinking was happening in the 20th century. This new mode of thought would be a holistic-centered, or integral one; an answer to the type of thinking responsible for economic and industrial crisis, two World Wars, and what many today consider a dire, global ecological crisis.

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