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Ken’ichi Goto

Ken’ichi Goto is a professor of international relations at the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies and a former director of the Institute of Social Sciences at Waseda University, Tokyo. His publications include Returning to Asia: Japan-Indonesia Relations, 1930s—1942 and International Relations Surrounding Portuguese Timor, 1900—1945 (in Japanese).

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Tensions of Empire
Japan and Southeast Asia in the Colonial and Postcolonial World
By Ken’ichi Goto
· Edited by Paul H. Kratoska

Beginning with the closing decade of European colonial rule in Southeast Asia and covering the wartime Japanese empire and its postwar disintegration, Tensions of Empire focuses on the Japanese in Southeast Asia, Indonesians in Japan, and the legacy of the war in Southeast Asia. It also examines Japanese perceptions of Southeast Asia and the lingering ambivalence toward Japanese involvement in Asia and toward the war in particular.Drawing

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