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Ken Smith

Ken Smith is a professor of History at the University of South Africa. He has written on the Pedi and Graaff-Reinet, contributed to European and African history textbooks, and published a biography of Alfred Aylward. He also writes novels under two pseudonyms and has published one children’s novel under his own name.

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Cover of 'The Changing Past'

The Changing Past
Trends in South African Historical Writing
By Ken Smith

E.H. Carr said: “Before you study the history, study the historian.” Written history often tells us more about the historian’s own times than it does of the times about which he is writing. The historians and the way in which each generation has rewritten history in the light of its own preoccupations is the subject of The Changing Past. This is the first book-length survey in English that covers all the main trends in South African historiography.

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