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L. E. Bagshawe

L. E. Bagshawe was an independent scholar and historian who passed away while this edition was in press. He has translated several important historical works from Burmese including The Maniyadanabon of Shin Sandalinka and The Kinwun Min–gyi’s London Diary.

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Listed in: Southeast Asian Studies · World War II · Memoir · Asian History · Burma

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Wartime in Burma
A Diary, January to June 1942
By Theippan Maung Wa
· Edited by L. E. Bagshawe and Anna Allott

This diary, begun after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and covering the invasion of Burma up to June 1942, is a moving account of the dilemmas faced by the well-loved and prolific Burmese author Theippan Maung Wa (a pseudonym of U Sein Tin) and his family. At the time of the Japanese invasion, U Sein Tin was deputy secretary in the Ministry of Home and Defense Affairs.

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