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Louisa Ward Arps

Louisa Ward Arps was a lifetime resident of Denver. For her work on local and state history, Mrs. Arps received in 1982 an award from the American Association of State & Local History and a tribute from the Colorado State Legislature.

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Cover of 'Denver in Slices'

Denver in Slices
A Historical Guide to the City
By Louisa Ward Arps
· Foreword by Thomas J. Noel

The Old West has been viewed from many perspectives, from the scornful to the uncritically romantic. But seldom has it been treated with the honest nostalgia of the wonderful accounts and pictures gathered in Denver in Slices.Ohio University Press/Swallow Press is proud to reissue this Western classic, which includes a brief survey of all Denver history, some slices depicting the most fascinating places and characters.

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