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Memye Curtis Tucker

Memye Curtis Tucker is the author of three poetry chapbooks, and her poems have appeared widely in literary reviews. Recipient of numerous prizes and fellowships, she is a senior editor of Atlanta Review and teaches poetry writing at the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center in Atlanta.

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Winner of the 1998 Hollis Summers Poetry Prize.
Cover of 'The Watchers'

The Watchers
By Memye Curtis Tucker

In the world of Memye Curtis Tucker’s poetry, the observed are on display, on trial, on guard, or disappearing, and often changed by the eyes upon them; the gazers are benevolent, threatening, judgmental, separate, invisible.There is in the poems a surface accessibility; mysteries in this book are not puzzles or ellipses, but moving revelations of paradox and unending possibilities. And while many are meditative there is always the tug of the narrative impulse.Northrop

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