Peter Karibe Mendy

Peter Karibe Mendy is professor of history and Africana studies at Rhode Island College, Providence, whose numerous publications include Colonialismo Português em África: A Tradição da Resistência na Guiné-Bissau, 1879–1959 and coauthor (with Richard A. Lobban) of the Historical Dictionary of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Volume 4.

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Cover of 'Amilcar Cabral'

Amilcar Cabral
Nationalist and Pan-Africanist Revolutionary
By Peter Karibe Mendy

Amilcar Cabral’s charismatic and visionary leadership, his pan-Africanist solidarity and internationalist commitment to “every just cause in the world,” remain relevant to contemporary struggles for emancipation and self-determination. This concise biography is an ideal introduction to his life and legacy.

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