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Terence A. Harkin

Terence A. Harkin served with the 601st Photo Flight at Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand, during the latter years of the Vietnam War. He went on to spend twenty-five years as a Hollywood cameraman (M*A*S*H, From Here to Eternity, Seinfeld). He has returned many times to Thailand and Laos, living in Buddhist monasteries, interviewing veterans on both sides of the conflict, and trekking the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

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Military Writers Society of America Awards - 2020 Silver Medalist in Literary Fiction
Cover of 'The Big Buddha Bicycle Race'

The Big Buddha Bicycle Race
A Novel
By Terence A. Harkin

As a Vietnam War visit from President Nixon looms, an American squadron leader facing his own internal conflict dreams up a bicycle race to boost morale. As the stakes get higher, the plot becomes a tribute to the complex culture and history of Southeast Asia, the GI antiwar protesters, secret air commandos, and the Laotian people.

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