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W. R. Ochieng

W. R. Ochieng' is a principal of Maseno University College. He is author and editor of several books, including Themes in Kenyan History.

Listed in: Colonialism and Decolonization · African Studies · Kenya · African History

Cover of 'Decolonization and Independence in Kenya, 1940–1993'

Decolonization and Independence in Kenya, 1940–1993
Edited by B. A. Ogot and W. R. Ochieng

This is a sharply observed assessment of the history of the last half century by a distinguished group of historians of Kenya. At the same time the book is a courageous reflection in the dilemmas of African nationhood.Professor B. A. Ogot says:“The main purpose of the book is to show that decolonization does not only mean the transfer of alien power to sovereign nationhood; it must also entail the liberation of the worlds of spirit and culture, as well as economics and politics.“The

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