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Education in the Development of Tanzania, 1919–1990

By Lene Buchert

“Buchert's sensitivity to the importance of language is…[a] strength as this has been largely ignored in many discussions of education in Tanzania…Education in the Development of Tanzania is an important contribution to the debate on educational transformation from a historical perspective. It also provides an insightful historical analysis of education in Tanzania.”

Zaline M. Roy-Campbell, The International Journal of African Historical Studies

“[This book] is lucid and contains very valuable data on education and development in Tanzania. Being a product of a doctoral thesis, it is quite detailed by way of information and discusses a good number of educational innovations that have not yet been widely researched and published for wider readership. For policy makers, researchers and students of education, this book is a rare source of knowledge.”

Daniel N. Sifuna, Journal of Third World Studies

“The book is meticulously detailed, well-documented, and carefully analyzed. The maps, graphs, and statistical information included in the study help to clarify the wide-ranging data…The book should serve all internationally minded educators as an excellent source book.”

George E. Urch, Journal of Developing Areas

“This is an interesting and scholarly examination of education in Tanzania during this century. It is particularly welcome because Tanzania, perhaps more than any other African country, has experience of such a diversity of educational policies; there is much to be learned from the Tanzanian experience.”

Clive Harber, International Journal of Educational Development

Deals with the realities of education in a debt-ridden African country trying to cope with the pressures of externally imposed educational budgets.

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Retail price: $59.95, S.
Release date: November 1994
208 pages
Rights: Americas, and Pacific Rim

Release date: November 1994
208 pages
Rights: Americas, and Pacific Rim

Additional Praise for Education in the Development of Tanzania, 1919–1990

“A timely study of the realities of education in a debt-ridden African country.”

J.L. Susskind, Choice

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