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Empowering the Public-Private Partnership
The Future of America’s Local Government

By George V. Voinovich
Introduction by R. Gregory Browning and Hunter Morrison
Afterword by Hunter Morrison

“For students of public management, this slim volume acts as a guidebook to setting up P3s in medium to large size cities across the United States. For local elected officials, the book provides rich detail about the partnerships necessary to implement a P3 framework in a city.…An excellent read for those interested in understanding the challenges of developing P3s and the vast benefits these collaborative structures can produce. Summing up: highly recommended.”


Empowering the Public-Private Partnership presents an almost old-fashioned creed—that cities are important, that the business world and the public sector are not at war, and that most people possess some kind of civic mindedness. The key to effective leadership, Voinovich suggests, may be simply awakening this public spiritedness and then harnessing it to good purpose. In that sense, Voinovich and his book are exemplars of both a seemingly lost Republican ideal and an even older republicanism that has been so essential to the health of American politics.”

EJournal of Public Affairs

“This book is a departure from the current national political climate punctuated by partisanship. Instead, it offers a reflection on nonpartisan, collaborative leadership strategies that manifested in successful economic development and community revitalization efforts. The result is a short, but useful, ‘how-to guide’ for students and community development practitioners on building collaborative networks.”

Public Administration Review

“George Voinovich’s extraordinary success as senator, governor, and mayor was due in great part to his being a pioneering master of collaboration. This book is a legacy of his powerful and practical insights on how to build public-private partnerships that fuse the best of all sectors to create a better society. In these times when conflict seems to dominate political dialogue, his wise words extolling the virtues of collaboration are refreshing and illuminating.”

James E. Austin, Harvard Business School

America’s cities are increasingly acknowledged as sites of renewal and economic opportunity—but how can city leaders facing physical and financial constraints harness this positive energy to create sustainable development? The story of Cleveland in the early 1980s provides the necessary roadmap. Mayor George V. Voinovich, by drawing on the combined strengths of the public and private sectors, took Cleveland from financial default to becoming “America’s Comeback City,” and he later used the best practices he developed there to tackle state-level challenges as governor of Ohio. The public-private partnership model that Voinovich pioneered has since become the gold standard for cities seeking to maximize resources.

Using lessons from Cleveland, Voinovich developed this handbook for governments and private entities seeking a mutually enriching partnership. It is his legacy to those who will guide America’s cities to new growth and vitality.

In a career spanning more than forty years, George V. Voinovich held office as mayor of Cleveland and later as governor and US senator for Ohio. Among many other distinctions, he was the only person to hold both the chairmanship of the National Governors Association and the presidency of the National League of Cities. In 1998, Ohio University established what would become the George V. Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs in honor of his many years of public service.   More info →


Review in Public Administration Review, (AUG 2019)


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