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Landscaping with Trees in the Midwest
A Guide for Residential and Commercial Properties

By Scott A. Zanon

A Swallow Press Book

Landscaping with Trees in the Midwest
A Guide for Residential and Commercial Properties

By Scott A. Zanon

2015 Garden Writers Association, Silver Award of Achievement

“The user-friendly, generously illustrated layman’s guide provides photos, descriptions and advice on 65 trees that can work in Midwestern yards.”

Columbus Dispatch

“Home and business owners know that trees are necessary for—among many other benefits—providing shade, reflecting heat, and blocking wind. But choosing the right trees for the right location and Midwestern conditions is not always easy. With Landscaping with Trees in the Midwest, Scott Zanon provides a generously illustrated guide to 65 excellent tree species, their characteristics, as well as their uses in the landscape.”

Better Homes and Gardens

“…An invaluable guide for any homeowner in the Midwest.”

Current Books on Gardening and Botany, Chicago Botanic Garden

“You wouldn’t buy a crib and expect your kid to sleep in it till he’s eighteen. So why would you plant a dawn redwood six feet from your house? Yet Scott Zanon sees that kind of heedlessness in landscaping all the time. That’s why he’s written Landscaping With Trees in the Midwest, a book intended to help readers in our region choose trees that will thrive and enhance their properties.”

Akron Beacon Journal

Trees not only add beauty and value to property but also enhance the physical environment by providing shade, reflecting heat, and blocking wind. Choosing the right trees for the right location and conditions, however, is not always easy: each species has its own requirements for sunlight, water, drainage, and protection.

Landscaping with Trees in the Midwest: A Guide for Residential and Commercial Properties describes sixty-five desirable tree species, their characteristics, and their uses. More than 325 color photographs illustrate the appearance of each species through the seasons—including height, shape, bark, flowers, and fall colors—as well as other factors that influence selection and siting in order to help the landscape professional or homeowner make informed choices.

This guidebook also considers trees as a factor in overall environmental health and gives special consideration to the effects of the emerald ash borer, which continues to wreak havoc in wooded areas of the Midwest, offering replacement alternatives for vulnerable areas. In addition to the text and photos, the book includes a table of growth rates and sizes, a map of hardiness zones, and other valuable reference tools.

Scott A. Zanon is a consultant providing advice and services to the green industry regarding tree and turfgrass issues. He holds degrees in agronomy and horticulture and is the author of Desirable Trees for the Midwest.   More info →

Table of Contents

  • Foreword to the First Edition
  • Preface to the Expanded Edition
  • Preface to the First Edition
  • Acknowledgments
  • Trees versus Turf
  • Why Plant Trees?
  • Selecting Trees
  • Selective Pruning and Shade Seeding
  • Tree Cultural Practices
  • List of 65 Desirable Trees
  • Tree Growth Rates & Sizes Table
  • United States Hardiness Zone Maps
  • Individual List by Scientific Name with Color Photographs
  • Emerald Ash Borer: EAB
  • Plant Usage Guide: Scientific Name
  • Plant Usage Guide: Common Name
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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Retail price: $26.95, T.
Release date: June 2014
325 illus. · 200 pages · 7 × 10 in.
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Release date: August 2014
325 illus. · 200 pages
Rights:  World

Additional Praise for Landscaping with Trees in the Midwest

Landscaping with Trees in the Midwest should be considered a required text for arborists working with the public. It would also make a great resource for tree commission volunteers and any citizen honored with the important task of caring, managing and decision making for our urban forest.”

Buckeye Arborist

“In addition to the 65 tree profiles there are a number of handy ‘tree usage’ lists in the book as well as special sections on topics such as ‘trees versus turf’, emerald ash borer, and Scott's version of Why Trees Matter (‘Why Plant Trees’).”

Buckeye Yard and Garden

“There are encyclopedia types of books that list all possible trees.… Zanon has taken a different approach and compiled an excellent reference for desirable trees for the landscape.”

Dr. Steven Still, executive director, Perennial Plant Association and emeritus professor, Ohio State University.

“This book is a valuable guide for the professional as well as the new homeowner. This is substance, not flash. The choices show considerable experience with the trees discussed.”

Ken Frieling, founder and owner, Glasshouse Works

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