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Michigan’s War
The Civil War in Documents

Edited by John W. Quist

“(M)ore than soldiers‘ stories and the usual ’greatest hits‘ of Michigan in the war…. (Michigan’s War is) an excellent collection of real, mainly contemporaneous documents…. (T)here are also heart-breaking and troubling views here that reflect Michigandlers’ ambivalence over the war and abolition, and out-and-out racism….
Any serious reader of the state’s history in the Civil War will not want to leave this book to college students.”

Civil War Book Review

When it came to the Civil War, Michiganians never spoke with one voice. At the beginning of the conflict, family farms defined the southern Lower Peninsula, while a sparsely settled frontier characterized the state’s north. Although differing strategies for economic development initially divided Michigan’s settlers, by the 1850s Michiganians’ attention increasingly focused on slavery, race, and the future of the national union. They exchanged charges of treason and political opportunism while wrestling with the meanings of secession, the national union, emancipation, citizenship, race, and their changing economy. Their actions launched transformations in their communities, their state, and their nation in ways that Americans still struggle to understand.

Building upon the current scholarship of the Civil War, the Midwest, and Michigan’s role in the national experience, Michigan’s War is a documentary history of the Civil War era as told by the state’s residents and observers in private letters, reminiscences, newspapers, and other contemporary sources. Clear annotations and thoughtful editing allow teachers and students to delve into the political, social, and military context of the war, making it ideal for classroom use.

John W. Quist is a professor of history at Shippensburg University. He is the author of Restless Visionaries: The Social Roots of Antebellum Reform in Alabama and Michigan and coeditor of James Buchanan and the Coming of the Civil War.More info →


Review in Civil War Book Review


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