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Religion in Ohio
Profiles of Faith Communities

Edited by Tarunjit Singh Butalia and Dianne P. Small

Religion in Ohio tells the story of Ohio’s religious and spiritual heritage going back to the state’s ancient and historic native populations, and including the westward migration of settlers to this region, the development of a wide variety of faith traditions in the years preceding the mid-twentieth century, and the arrival of newer immigrants in the last fifty years, each group bringing with it cherished traditions.

Documenting religious pluralism in Ohio and the impact faith communities have had on the state, Religion in Ohio encompasses the historical experiences of many groups. Each chapter is the story of one of those communities written by a member of that faith or denomination.

Operating under the auspices of the Ohio Bicentennial Commission and the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio, the editors of Religion in Ohio have created a unique collection of the experiences of faith groups during the two hundred years of Ohio’s statehood and the years leading up to it. The largely untold stories of religious experience in Ohio are gathered here in one volume so they may be appreciated in all their breadth and diversity.

The Religious Experience Advisory Council of the Ohio Bicentennial Commission is one among twenty-two advisory councils established by the commission to commemorate Ohio’s bicentennial celebration. The council consists of more than twenty volunteers representing various faith traditions that have chosen Ohio to be their home.

Tarunjit Singh Butalia and Dianne P. Small present the profiles of faith communities in a highly readable and accessible format. Religion in Ohio will be a lasting legacy of the Ohio Bicentennial and a valuable tool for understanding and appreciating the breadth of the religious pluralism in the state for years to come.

Dr. Tarunjit Singh Butalia is a research scientist at the Ohio State University. He is a member of the Ohio Bicentennial Religious Experience Advisory Council, the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio, the North American Interfaith Network, and Religions for Peace-USA.   More info →

Dianne P. Small is an executive assistant at the Ohio State University Medical Center. She has a degree in history from the Ohio State University and is a member of the Ohio Bicentennial Religious Experience Advisory Council and the Interfaith Association of Central Ohio.   More info →

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