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Rethinking Political Theory
Essays In Phenomenology and the Study of Politics

By Hwa Yol Jung

“With this volume Hwa Yol Jung solidifies his reputation as one of the foremost, perhaps the foremost spokesman of the phenomenological orientation in political theory and the study of politics…Erudite in its scholarship and lucid in style, the book deserves a wide readership among philosophers and social theorists.”

Fred Dallmayr, Political Studies

“There is a humanity and humility to Jung’s work that is surely to be welcomed and this collection should act as an appropriate reminder that, however much we undermine the centrality of the subject, politics is about real people with real lives.”

Alan Finlayson, Radical Philosophy

Essays In Phenomenology and the Study of Politics

Hwa Yol Jung is emeritus professor of political science at Moravian College, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Among his many publications are Rethinking Political Theory and The Crisis of Political Understanding.More info →

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