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New and Upcoming Titles
January 2022

Cover of 'The Great Upheaval'

The Great Upheaval
Women and Nation in Postwar Nigeria
By Judith A. Byfield

In this finely textured social and intellectual history of gender and nation making, Byfield captures the dynamism of women’s political engagement in postwar Nigeria. She illuminates the centrality of gender to the study of nationalism, offering new lines of inquiry into the late colonial era and its consequences for the future Nigerian state.

History | Africa | West · Women’s Studies · Colonialism and Decolonization · Social History · Nigeria · African Studies

Cover of 'The Histories of HIVs'

The Histories of HIVs
The Emergence of the Multiple Viruses That Caused the AIDS Epidemics
Edited by William H. Schneider

In this interdisciplinary collection, experts provide the most complete description to date of the often ignored and underappreciated features of the history of the multiple human immunodeficiency viruses (HIVs) responsible for the global AIDS pandemic.

Public Health · Social Science | Disease and Health Issues · Medical | Epidemiology · HIV-AIDS · Africa · African Studies

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