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September 2022

Cover of 'A Companion to the Works of Elizabeth Strout'

A Companion to the Works of Elizabeth Strout
By Katherine Montwieler

In this first study of novelist Elizabeth Strout’s best-selling works, Katherine Montwieler reveals how Strout’s voice, characters, and themes generate a powerful empathic response among mainstream readers—mostly women—that elite scholars undervalue at their own peril. This accessible companion also includes an exclusive interview with Strout.

Literary Criticism, US · Literary Criticism | Modern | 21st Century · Literary Criticism | Feminist · Literature

Cover of 'Photographs from Detroit, 1975–2019'

Photographs from Detroit, 1975–2019
By Bruce Harkness
· Edited by John J. Bukowczyk

With these intimate social documentary photographs and oral histories, Bruce Harkness and John J. Bukowczyk have sensitively collaborated with and amplified the stories of Detroit’s often overlooked people and lost neighborhoods. The result is an unforgettable portrait of Detroit’s hard-won resiliency.

Photography | Individual Photographers | Monographs · History | United States | State & Local | Midwest · Detroit · Photography · Trade Nonfiction · Social Science | Sociology | Urban

Cover of 'Alone in the House of My Heart'

Alone in the House of My Heart
By Kari Gunter-Seymour

With poems that are as complicated, breathtaking, and ravaged as Ohio’s southeastern foothills, state poet laureate Kari Gunter-Seymour shares an insider’s appreciation for Appalachia’s hard-worked land and hardworking people, who persevere with honor, humility, and courage through multigenerational struggles.

Poetry | Subjects & Themes | Places · Ohio and Regional · Poetry | Subjects & Themes | Family · Appalachia · Poetry

Cover of 'The Papers of Clarence Mitchell Jr., Volume VI'

The Papers of Clarence Mitchell Jr., Volume VI
The Struggle to Pass the 1960 Civil Rights Act, 1959–1960
By Clarence Mitchell Jr.
· Edited by Denton L. Watson

The Civil Rights Act of 1960 attempted to rectify loopholes in the 1957 Civil Rights Act that had enabled southern states to continue disenfranchising Black voters and, in Texas, Mexican Americans. The legislation called for federal inspection of voter registration polls and introduced penalties for obstructing a person from registering to vote.

Political Science | Political Process | Political Advocacy · Law | Civil Rights · Political Science | Civil Rights · African American Studies

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