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October 2021

Cover of 'Village Work'

Village Work
Development and Rural Statecraft in Twentieth-Century Ghana
By Alice Wiemers

This detailed and groundbreaking history of rural Ghanaian statecraft details the crucial importance that local village development systems have on regional and national scales.

Business & Economics | Development Studies · History | Africa | West · Developing & Emerging Countries · Colonialism and Decolonization · Ghana · Western Africa · African Studies

Cover of 'Secure the Shadow'

Secure the Shadow
A Novel
By Michael Henson

Set in an unnamed midwestern city and told from multiple perspectives, Henson’s latest novel about addiction and the power of community offers an unseen portrait of the far-reaching and sometimes tragic effects of the 1990s drug crisis.

Fiction | City Life · Literature

Cover of 'Apartheid’s Black Soldiers'

Apartheid’s Black Soldiers
Un-national Wars and Militaries in Southern Africa
By Lennart Bolliger

Thousands of Black troops served in South Africa’s security forces in Namibia and Angola during apartheid. Bolliger’s new research leads him to reject their common depiction as “collaborators,” challenge the portrayal of the wars in which they fought as struggles for national liberation, and reveal the complexity of South Africa’s military culture.

History | Africa | South | General · Military History · Colonialism and Decolonization · African Studies · South Africa

Cover of 'Embodied Engineering'

Embodied Engineering
Gendered Labor, Food Security, and Taste in Twentieth-Century Mali
By Laura Ann Twagira

Common narratives about development in Africa miss the critical technological work of women. Twagira’s study instead positions Malian women as rural engineers whose strategic planning and labor over the course of the twentieth century assured their food security.

History | Africa | West · Technology & Engineering | Agriculture | Sustainable Agriculture · Business & Economics | Labor · Women’s Studies · Mali · Western Africa · African Studies

Cover of 'Bread of the Moment'

Bread of the Moment
By David Sanders

David Sanders’s second book of poems mixes free and formal verse to search for wisdom in life’s quiet moments as well as in those jolting times when our fragility is most apparent.

Poetry | American · Poetry · Ohio and Regional · Literature

Cover of 'The Long Red Thread'

The Long Red Thread
How Democratic Dominance Gave Way to Republican Advantage in US House Elections
By Kyle Kondik
· Foreword by Douglas B. Harris

Election analyst Kyle Kondik examines House elections since the 1964 Supreme Court “one person, one vote” rulings to explain the Republicans' consistent advantage from their 1994 takeover to the present.

Political Science | Political Process | Campaigns & Elections · History | United States | State & Local | General · Political Science | American Government | Legislative Branch · United States

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