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July 2022

Cover of 'Allegiance'

By Gurney Norman

Spanning forty years of work, Allegiance is an autobiography told through stories—a rich personal journey into Norman’s life, place, and consciousness. In classic short stories, lyrical meditations, folktales, dreamscapes, and stream of consciousness writing, Norman imaginatively weaves together the threads of his life.

Short Stories (single author) · Appalachia · Fiction · Literature

Cover of 'Carceral Afterlives'

Carceral Afterlives
Prisons, Detention, and Punishment in Postcolonial Uganda
By Katherine Bruce-Lockhart

This social and political history analyzes how incarceration, a practice and policy with colonial origins, was central to both the exertion of and challenges to state power in postcolonial Uganda. The book also illustrates the persistent imbrication of prisons, punishment, politics, and struggles for decolonization and freedom across the globe.

History | Africa | East · Social Science | Penology · Colonialism and Decolonization · Uganda · African Studies

Cover of 'Environment, Power, and Justice'

Environment, Power, and Justice
Southern African Histories
Edited by Graeme Wynn, Jane Carruthers, and Nancy J. Jacobs

With appreciation for both regional and chronological variation, this volume’s contributors track the global concept of environmental justice to analyze its influence in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Lesotho and to expand popular understandings of social-environmental harm.

History | Historical Geography · Human Rights · Social Science | Anthropology | Cultural & Social · Southern Africa · Environmental Studies · African Studies · History | Africa | South | General

Cover of 'The Papers of Clarence Mitchell Jr., Volume VI'

The Papers of Clarence Mitchell Jr., Volume VI
The Struggle to Pass the 1960 Civil Rights Act, 1959–1960
By Clarence Mitchell Jr.
· Edited by Denton L. Watson

The Civil Rights Act of 1960 attempted to rectify loopholes in the 1957 Civil Rights Act that had enabled southern states to continue disenfranchising Black voters and, in Texas, Mexican Americans. The legislation called for federal inspection of voter registration polls and introduced penalties for obstructing a person from registering to vote.

Political Science | Political Process | Political Advocacy · Law | Civil Rights · Political Science | Civil Rights · African American Studies

Cover of 'Everyday State and Democracy in Africa'

Everyday State and Democracy in Africa
Ethnographic Encounters
Edited by Wale Adebanwi

Through ethnographic case studies of Africans’ quotidian encounters with state bureaucracy, infrastructure, discipline, citizenship, democracy, political economy, education, and health, this book demonstrates how the state not only enables but also constrains and complicates ordinary Africans’ daily struggles to live and live well.

Social Science | Anthropology | Cultural & Social · Political Science | Public Affairs & Administration · Africa · African Studies · African History

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