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Privacy Policy

TL;DR: We collect as little personal data as possible; we never share any of it with third parties; we do not use cookies on our website.

Data Collection

We keep track of some personal information on the following occasions only:
· when you request an examination, desk, or review copy from our website;
· when you sign up to receive new book release notifications.

The information we keep is the information you provided (e.g. your name, your email address, the book you requested, etc.). In the case of exam and desk copy requests, we check the data and, when appropriate, add keywords indicating areas of research and teaching. We keep all of this secure and never share it with anyone.

Exam, desk, and review copy requests that do not meet our requirements are not recorded.

If you have submitted an electronic exam, desk, or review copy request since 2015 and wish to see the data we may have kept, please email us at You may also request, using the same email address, to have your personal information deleted from our records.

Shopping Cart

When you buy a book from our website, our partner—the University of Chicago Press’s Chicago Distribution Center—handles all data processing and information collection. Please see the University of Chicago Press’s privacy policy statement to learn how they process your personal information.


Although we have used cookies on our website in the past, we no longer do. If you find a cookie for in your browser’s data, it is inactive and can be safely deleted.

There is one exception: our home page includes an embedded view of our Twitter feed that does set a cookie on Twitter’s behalf. We are working to replace this component with another that does not. For the time being, please refer to Twitter’s rules and guidelines regarding cookies for more information.